Is it easy to do business in the UK after IR35? | Beyond Borders Ep. 001
Beyond Borders

In a brand new podcast series called Beyond Borders, Briars' CEO Andrew Fahey speaks to Michael Cleavely, the founder of CoComply, about IR35 legislation and what it means for businesses who want to expand to the UK.

IR35 Timeline: From Conception to Full Implementation
Global Workforce

IR35 is a crucial piece of legislation that all UK-based businesses need to be aware of. In preparation for its full implementation, we have put together a timeline of IR35 developments for context. The world of work is changing fast, and with modern concepts such as the 'gig economy' taking…
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IR35 in 2024: A Guide For Businesses Entering the UK 
IR35 Guide

IR35 has come into scope for many businesses that either already operate in or are planning to operate in the UK. In this guide, we will share everything you need to know to stay compliant and gain access to the benefits of engaging a self-employed workforce.