4 Reasons Private Equity Firms Should Consider Global Expansion

February 13th, 2024

PE global expansion

In the dynamic world of Private Equity (PE) investments, the key to success often begins with the building of a strategic plan to magnify an asset’s potential, writes Andrew Fahey.

At the Briars Group, we take pride in our ability to pave the way for PE firms to deploy global expansion strategies for their assets in a quick, cost-effective and compliant manner.

We have been helping both professional advisors and clients directly for over 30 years, on a global scale. As such, we thought it would be worth setting out the 4 ways PE firms could take advantage of global expansion through partnering with us, which I’ll set out below.

1) Igniting Growth:

One of the early objectives for PE investors is to kickstart sales and revenue growth on a newly acquired asset. Global expansion presents an unrivalled avenue for achieving this, opening up new markets, customers, and revenue streams.

2) Seamless Solutions:

We provide PE firms with a comprehensive solution that includes traversing regional taxation challenges, setting up corporate entities, obtaining essential licenses, and seamlessly establishing in-country finance and HR solutions. This translates to a hassle-free and swift market entry without the need to saddle the asset with significant additional fixed costs.

3) Capital Deployment, Minimised Risk:

What sets us apart is our commitment to minimising risk while being a catalyst for growth. We help PE firms put their capital to work swiftly, without adding unnecessary fixed costs to the asset. By doing so, we not only enhance profitability but also ensure a more resilient investment strategy.

4) Global Reach, Local Expertise:

The Briars Group excels in bridging the gap between global aspirations and local intricacies. We understand that every market has its unique challenges, and our tailored solutions provide the local knowledge necessary to navigate these nuances efficiently. We are not simply an EOR provider, we are a comprehensive, outsourced business solution for global expansion.

Unlock Your Potential with Briars Group: If you’re a PE firm looking to help your asset with global expansion, we invite you to reach out to us and discuss in more detail our services.

Andrew Fahey

Andrew is the Briars Group CEO. He brings extensive experience in leading and delivering professional services both in the UK and Internationally. Having led accountancy practices, law firms, financial services and large-scale payroll and employment organisations, Andrew brings a wealth of knowledge that underpins our International expansion services. A thought leader in the contingent workspace arena, Andrew brings an exciting blend of workforce strategy and innovation of professional services to the Briars.