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Corporate Criminal Offence

Compulsory compliance for UK businesses.

If you are a business and connected to the UK in some form, you may find yourself culpable under the Criminal Finances Act.

Your business alongside its Officers, Partners or Members could be on the hook for criminal liabilities that would arise from international tax evasion if you have not implemented the appropriate steps.

As a simple example, do you appoint external parties to represent you and check to ensure that those contractors (who could be based anywhere in the world) are tax-compliant? No?
Then read on….

Your Briars Team.

We will provide this full support package to you to ensure that everything is put into place, including remaining available afterwards to handle any questions.

Our role is to ensure that you can ultimately manage this for yourself as we upskill your inhouse teams.  After that, we will update your teams on changes in the legislation.

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    What is your defence?

    • Creation, maintenance, application and management of a Risk Assessment Register
    • Apply a measured approach to your policies and procedures commensurate with the level of risk attached to your business
    • Board-level buy-in visibly leading the way in terms of the corporate culture congruent with CCO
    • Creation, implementation and ongoing management of appropriate levels of due diligence
    • Build out, implement and manage training for associated parties
    • Effective corporate housekeeping with regular reviews and updates: internally and public facing
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