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Corporate Criminal Offences & Secretary Services Guides

Corporate Criminal Offences & Secretary Services Guides As businesses operate in an increasingly complex regulatory landscape, corporate criminal offences have become a growing concern. A company can be held liable for the criminal actions of its employees or even its third-party associates, leaving it vulnerable to Read More

  • What is the role of AI in HR? Learn how AI is changing recruitment, engagement, and performance management in human resources.

Role of AI in HR: A Complete Guide

Conversations about Artificial Intelligence (AI) are more intense than ever. Tools like ChatGPT are already transforming some industries and offering many different possibilities to improve and optimise tasks at work.  AI has been used to drive innovation, efficiency, and strategic decision-making in every sector, and Human Resources departments are no exception. The integration of AI Read More

  • Retain your employees for the long haul with these effective strategies. Learn how to keep your valued employees satisfied and loyal to your company.

16 Strategies to Increase Employee Retention

The success of a company depends heavily on the competence and dedication of employees. Therefore, attracting and retaining top talent has become a critical priority for organisations worldwide.  Employee well-being and satisfaction are an important part of this growing concern. Companies that prioritise the happiness of their teams reap the benefits of higher employee retention Read More

  • Learn the difference between business mergers and acquisitions with our guide. Both are strategies to increase a company's capabilities, but often misunderstood.

Mergers vs Acquisitions: The Top 10 Differences

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) can be strategic tools for companies seeking growth. These transactions can significantly transform an industry and contribute to the rise of new market leaders.  With so much to consider and plan, mergers and acquisitions require a deep understanding of the companies involved. Each transaction comes with its unique characteristics, challenges, and Read More

  • Discover how to manage business risks and implement risk management strategies in your organisation here. Minimise the risks that come with running a business.

What Is Risk Management in Business?

Running a business can be a challenging but rewarding task. When founding a company, people might be more interested in the opportunities and benefits of starting a business, but risk management is essential for any organisation. The goal is to consider the potential risks a business faces and assess the likelihood of problems happening and Read More

  • Learn everything you should know to ensure trouble free money flow when handling invoices to and from international clients in this guide.

How to Properly Send and Receive Invoices Internationally

As businesses expand their operations beyond their home countries, common day-to-day activities can become a new challenge. Sending and receiving invoices, for example, have the added complexity of dealing with different regulations, taxes, currencies and even cultural nuances. There might also be a limited understanding of receiving and making payments, considering currency differences, banking limitations, Read More

  • Learn all you need to know about managing employee benefits for your global staff with this article

How to Manage International Employee Benefits

As companies expand their operations globally, managing employee benefits abroad has become an important – but complex – aspect of human resources management. Employee benefits are a crucial component of a company’s compensation package, and they play a significant role in attracting, retaining, and motivating employees.  But it’s not always that easy. Managing employee benefits Read More

  • Get an overview of how international business handle, develop and maintain good accounting practices

Everything You Should Consider About International Accounting

As businesses continue to expand their operations across borders and cultures, some aspects of running a company become more complex and challenging. Accounting is already a crucial part of a smooth business operation, and international accounting plays a key role in global commerce. It is important that global businesses follow accurate and standardised financial report Read More

  • With our article, learn what are the instruments used by Trade finance service providers to facilitate international trade and commerce.

Trade Finance and Trade-in Banking Explained

Trade finance and trade-in banking are critical components of international trade. They play a crucial role in facilitating cross-border transactions and reducing the risks associated with global commerce. In an increasingly globalised world, understanding these concepts can be significantly relevant to the success of a growing company.  In this article, we will explore the key Read More

  • Gain insight into how secretarial services help companies with good corporate governance, effective administration and compliance.

How Businesses Can Benefit from Secretary Services

There is a lot of work involved in managing a company. The most important aspect of running a business is ensuring services and products are delivered with excellence. Then comes dealing with clients, managing a team and taking care of finances. With so much to consider and dedicate time to, some crucial operations might go overlooked. Read More

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