• tax thresholds frozen

UK Tax Thresholds

Frozen tax thresholds pull more Britons into higher rates As the global recession rumbles on, the UK Government has effectively utilised stealth to increase the group subject to its highest rate of Income Tax, being 45%. The retention of the frozen tax thresholds has led to a 50% increase in those caught at the higher Read More

  • talent visas for top graduates

UK talent visas

High Potential Individual visa scheme to import new talent to the UK May 2022 saw the introduction of the High Potential Individual visa to the UK.  This new route into the UK is a small part of a broader set of global mobility schemes, designed to attract overseas talent.  The visa will allow individuals to Read More

  • Globalaw European Conference

Globalaw European Conference 2022

Globalaw European Conference 2022 This month, Briars brought a taste of Scotland to Luxembourg for the Globalaw European Conference (GLERM 2022).  Globalaw’s regional meetings are opportunities to exchange expertise, educate one another, and improve what we deliver to clients.  They are also essential for building relationships and allowing lawyers and clients to get to know Read More

  • tax reform calculator

Tax reform for unincorporated businesses

Tax Reform for all Unincorporated Businesses An HMRC tax reform that will change the basis period for all unincorporated businesses to 5th April is delayed but still due. The changes will mean that businesses will be taxed on the profit or loss for the year ended 5th April regardless of the accounting period. The basis period Read More

  • founder supporter plaque presentation

Founder Supporter

Briars Group recognised as Founder Supporter of The Company of Entrepreneurs The Company of Entrepreneurs of the City of London has commemorated role played by The Briars Group as a Founder Supporter.  The Company (formerly the Guild) of Entrepreneurs seeks to promote entrepreneurship within the City of London and beyond and Briars has been closely Read More

  • Making Tax Digital

Making Tax Digital Extension

Making Tax Digital extended to all VAT-registered businesses HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has confirmed that Making Tax Digital (MTD) will be extended to all VAT-registered businesses from April 2022.  Changes will apply to the approximately 1.1m VAT-registered businesses with taxable turnover below the current VAT threshold. The move comes as part of the Government’s Read More

  • EMI employee share scheme in office

Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) Schemes

How UK companies are using Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) Schemes to grow their business Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) schemes are allowing innovative businesses to reward success in a tax-efficient manner by offering key people in the business a share in the company’s success. EMI schemes have surged in popularity in recent years as an effective Read More

  • The Briars Group at 30 - Team celebration photo with balloons

The Briars Group at 30

Happy Birthday to Briars This year The Briars Group turned 30. The moment was marked with a small party and, over the year, other events will take place to say “thank you” to all those who have been instrumental in helping us reach this milestone. Timing is everything, they say. The brainchild of Founder Freeman Read More

  • office building for holding company

The Use of Holding Companies

International Tax Reforms Challenge the Use of Holding Companies Proposals under Base Erosion and Profit Sharing 2.0 (BEPS 2.0) and the Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive 3 (ATAD 3) challenge the use of holding companies. BEPS 2.0 may re-introduce withholding taxes while ATAD 3 brings in prescriptive requirements.   Beneficial Ownership from the OECD Intermediate holding companies Read More

  • pins in world globe in hand

Tax Authorities Target Tax Avoidance

Tax Authorities Across the World are Coordinating to Reduce Opportunities for Tax Avoidance   Transfer pricing continues to be a focus for tax authorities around the world. In order to reduce tax avoidance, changes are being proposed around the world that will impact businesses global tax compliance. Many of these proposed changes are also being Read More

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