Land and Expand

Overseas Banking
overseas banking

Land and Expand Part VI - Overseas Banking Brilliantly ebullient, basically brazen – how to open your overseas bank account and remain rational We are often asked: what is the most common complaint when setting up in new territories? Setting up overseas banking facilities. With the ability to make international…
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Insurances LLoyds of London

Land and Expand part V - Insurances As we walk through the Land & Expand journey, we reach the fifth stage, being Insurances.  Often overlooked in the process but necessary to ensure that your overseas trading entity, your board of directors, your employees, your customers and your supply chain are…
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Local Country Incorporation
The team who will decide the strategic goals for your new corporation

Land and Expand part IV - Local Country Incorporation As we reach stage 4 of our Land & Expand journey, our attention turns to incorporation and an overview of what should be considered. We have chosen to focus on the UK however, the underlying approach varies little between countries and…
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Global Mobility
global mobility map

Land and Expand part III – Global Mobility – GEO/PEO/EOR Welcome to our 3rd Land and Expand article! So far, we have touched upon planning and good governance as you expand.  Today, let’s tackle the confusion that appears to exist when discussing: PEO                Professional Employer Organisation GEO               Global Employer Organisation…
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Global Corporate Structure
global corporate structure

Land and Expand part II: Global corporate structure Last month we introduced the first in our series of articles taking a short glimpse into Briars 18-stage roadmap. Our August newsletter focuses upon Global Leadership and in keeping with that theme lets consider the thought process of boards and investors as…
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How best to land and expand? A common question.
land and expand

Is there a straightforward answer? Irrespective of where in the world you want to open that next office, adherence to a tried and tested roadmap to guide you through the underlying requirements will be essential. This generic map is subsequently anchored by local laws, tailoring your solution to ensure ongoing…
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