Business Funding Strategy
business funding strategy briars and cambridge judge

Funding the journey to ‘the promised land’                Over the course of my twenty-year career as a business school academic, and the co-founder of Cambridge’s largest technology accelerator, I have been fortunate enough to mentor over 250 high growth ventures. I’ve witnessed spectacular success in the form of IPOs and nine-digit…
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Overseas Banking
overseas banking

Land and Expand Part VI - Overseas Banking Brilliantly ebullient, basically brazen – how to open your overseas bank account and remain rational We are often asked: what is the most common complaint when setting up in new territories? Setting up overseas banking facilities. With the ability to make international…
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Corporate Criminal Offence investigations in 2020
corporate criminal offence

Corporate Criminal Offence investigations continue despite pandemic HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has 10 live corporate criminal offence (CCO) investigations according to new statistics.  The UK government department also has a further 22 live opportunities currently under review.  It has opened one new investigation since December 2019. Wide ranging investigations…
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Do you have the right talent to execute your post pandemic recovery plans?
checkside briars

Plan for Recovery There are a lot of articles and resources dedicated to helping businesses think differently and adjust post Covid-19. Changing your strategy and business model is inevitable for many businesses, BUT the question as to whether you rebound and survive will all come down to how well you…
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How investor responses impact currency in times of extreme volatility
briars group ofx

Crises that affect world markets tend to hit with little warning and major impacts, leaving everyone from traders and investors rushing to find ways to limit their losses while the catastrophe unfolds. The various crises we have seen in the last 50 years have happened for many different reasons, but…
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Confirmation of Payee delayed to end of March 2020
do you know who you are paying

Identity and security In March 2019 a Lithuanian man was convicted for stealing over $100 million from Google and Facebook through a wire fraud scam. Evaldas Rimasauskas impersonated an Asian hardware vendor and, over a three-year period, sent fraudulent invoices for items that had never been sold or provided.  The…
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