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International Banking and Payments Services

Fully managed banking and payments services.

Our experienced banking team will fully manage your bank accounts and payment runs in almost any currency to almost any country. And, to give you peace of mind our transparent tracking will make regular statements available to you at the touch of a button.

Foreign Exchange Service.

Many corporates already have an in-house treasury management team which handles cross border currency transfers. However, run-rate operational overheads are often missed and that’s where Briars can make a difference. We will manage all such transactions on your behalf, minimising your costs and time.

Client Deposit Accounts

We can open an account on behalf of our clients within 10 working days.
We can receive and make payments in almost all currencies to almost any country.
We can make all of your supplier and employee payments on your behalf.
Regular statements are available to you.

BACS Direct Debits/ Direct Credits

We are a registered BACS Approved Bureau and can therefore collect Direct Debits on your behalf and make Direct Credit Payments to your suppliers and employees.
Our specialist, BACS-IP software ensures that we remain fully compliant with current legislation.