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Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange

Easy access to better foreign exchange rates and faster international payments.

Briars have partnered with Cambridge FX to be able to offer our clients access to better foreign exchange rates, faster international payments and in most cases reduced international bank charges.

Savings of £2,290 achieved by using Briars’ Foreign Exchange Partnership

Briars Partnership can achieve all this at a significantly lower rate than what you’d be paying in bank charges. Where Cambridge FX charges 0.8%, you typically save 4%.

Additionally, Briars and Cambridge FX do all the work for you. This means that you save time, money, and work, allowing you to focus on your business.

We are able to do this by having parties transfer funds to a domestic account held by Cambridge FX or its subsidiaries, and the funds are matched in the receiving territory.

Clients will benefit from our experienced banking and payments team who will fully manage your international payments.


Utilising Briars services

  • UK based Client X sent $350,000 to their US supplier
  • Briars saved Client X £2,290 by getting them a better exchange rate
  • Clients X’s international bank charges were changed from £15 per exchange to nothing
  • And Client X received their payment the same day, rather than their usual 3 days

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