PeopleLogik is international expansion made simple, yet compliant, low-risk and prepared for due diligence. We employ your chosen staff so that you don’t have to.

International Expansion

Grow your business internationally with our International PEO service, a one-stop solution for your overseas endeavours. Conventional PEO does not work in every international situation, but our 25 years of experience allows us to help you take your business wherever you want to go.

Land and Expand

Protect your business from direct risk throughout the expansion lifecycle by testing the market without creating an employment footprint. In your chosen territories we will employ staff directly (with no shared employment) allowing you to continue expanding your business or exit the country quickly and simply.

UK Based Global Service

Monitor your overseas operations via our professional International Tax team, based in the world business hub of London. Providing Global People Services for our US clients since 2002, this is your international office – one team, in one time zone, speaking one language.

Compliance Driven

Ensure overseas compliance with our Global Corporate Services. Together we can safeguard against accidently creating a ‘taxable presence’ but, if you need to do so, then we will advise on the most appropriate structure going forward. Not all activities create a taxable presence and where they don’t you can continue to use PeopleLogik.