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International Trade Banking Services

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When expanding a business internationally, choosing the right international trade finance services and payment partner is critical. Each organisation will offer a range of international services with variations in scope and level of service. Consider each of the needs of your business individually and evaluate the effectiveness of potential payment partners for each service.

Utilising a trusted international trade in banking service may offer a range of benefits including:

  • Lower operational costs
  • Security in overseas banking services
  • Stress free transactional services
  • Ability to quickly and easily effect transactions in multiple currencies

It is vital that the advisors you consider are trusted and have a long legacy of providing secure and reputable services. Compliance practices vary around the world, and it is important to ensure that the partner you choose has a sound knowledge of banking procedures in your new territory. International and local banking authorities around the world may hold international accounts to more rigorous tests and inspection due to the prevalence of poor practice and fraudulent activity. In the long term this means better security for all involved but may mean more stringent and lengthy checks are put in place for some countries and institutions. Ensuring that you work with a trusted partner who applies best practice, is familiar with the territory you wish to expand into, and offers a highly secure service should be an integral part of your expansion plan.

A Proven Track Record in International Trade Banking and Payments

Briars Group includes a highly experienced international banking and payments team, well equipped to manage your bank accounts and transactions in almost any currency and to almost any country. With a wealth of experience in international banking across a wide range of industry sectors, Briars Group are well placed to set any organisation up for success.

Our international trade finance services are tailored to the needs of each business we serve, to help ensure a smooth transition when opening in new territories. Our comprehensive end-to-end service includes the opening of a banking facility through to international payment management.

The banking options are tailored to suit our clients and often take on different forms with an immediate solution for rapid Land & Expand, leading to a permanent solution when the client is certain that the territory is to remain within the corporate group.

Briars Group is also a BACS Approved Bureau, meaning we can collect Direct Debits and pay Direct Credits on behalf of a company. We operate specialist BACS-IP software to ensure all clients are fully compliant wherever they operate in the world.


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