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International Corporate Currency Exchange Services

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When expanding overseas and especially when hiring overseas talent, your company’s finances may start to get messy once you start needing to factor in multiple foreign currencies. Banks love to charge absurd rates to businesses that need to convert their money into foreign currencies and even more so when they need to make international bank transfers. By working with Briars, we can help ease the pains of international corporate currency exchange.

Benefits of Working with Briars Group

When you use Briars Group International Currency and Financial Services, you may make international payments quickly and easily and get access to possibly more favourable exchange rates. 

By working with Briars, our qualified clients can have access to more competitive exchange rates, faster international transfers, and, in most cases, lower international bank fees. Our clients also gain access to:

    • An online system that you can access from anywhere at anytime.
  • An average saving of 3% on the value of your transfers.

    • Swifter service, reducing transfer times by days


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