Corporate Criminal Offences & Secretary Services Guides

June 5th, 2023

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As businesses operate in an increasingly complex regulatory landscape, corporate criminal offences have become a growing concern. A company can be held liable for the criminal actions of its employees or even its third-party associates, leaving it vulnerable to hefty fines and reputational damage. At Briars Group, we recognise the importance of protecting our clients from these risks, which is why we offer comprehensive Corporate Criminal Offences (CCO) services.

Our CCO services provide businesses with the guidance and support they need to navigate the ever-changing landscape of corporate criminal law. We work closely with our clients to identify potential risks, establish effective compliance measures, and ensure that their business operations are conducted in a lawful and ethical manner. 

As part of our commitment to helping businesses stay ahead of the curve, we’ve also developed a series of Secretary Services Guides. These guides provide in-depth insights into the latest regulations and best practices related to corporate governance and secretarial services. 

Whether you’re looking to establish a new business or simply want to ensure that your existing operations are fully compliant, our guides offer invaluable advice and expertise.

How Businesses Can Benefit from Secretary Services

Corporate Compliance, Best Practice and Company Secretaries

Frequently Asked Questions About Corporate Criminal Offences & Secretary Services

Corporate Criminal Offense: What Should Business Owners Know?

Are you aware of the Corporate Criminal Offences laws that hold companies accountable for the actions of their employees or associates? As financial crimes like tax evasion and money laundering continue to rise, businesses must take steps to ensure compliance. Find out how with our comprehensive guide.

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How Businesses Can Benefit from Secretary Services

As businesses face increasing regulatory requirements, the importance of effective corporate governance and secretarial services cannot be overstated. Discover the key responsibilities of company secretaries, and learn how outsourcing your secretarial services can save you time and resources with our in-depth guide.

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Corporate Compliance — Best Practice and Company Secretaries

Corporate governance and compliance are crucial for any UK-based business. In this comprehensive blog post, we explain what company secretaries are, why they matter, and how they can help your business succeed.

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