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CJRS – Flexible Furlough

Flexible Furlough: How the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme is changing The government has proposed a flexible way out of furlough for the millions affected.  As of the 14th June, approximately 9.1 million jobs from 1.1 million employers were furloughed in the UK.  However, the sheer cost of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) means it

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Currency Exposure

Options to help plan for currency exposure Currency markets don’t like uncertainty. Few of us do. That’s why we want to give you options on how to plan for currency exposure with some level of certainty. Because even in the middle of all this, businesses still need to move money globally. Currency markets have seen

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Relocating to the UK

What do you need to consider when relocating? If you are considering relocating to the UK, there will always be some apprehension, as well as excitement for the journey ahead.  This is true whether you are considering moving yourself or relocating an assignee, and especially if the move involves the whole family - as there

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Business As Usual?

Business as usual – is there a higher opportunity? No matter where you are in the world, the recent Covid crisis has given us an opportunity. It has given us the time and need to reflect on effectiveness and skillsets of our organisations, our people and indeed ourselves. So what conclusions have you come to?

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Bring your business to Italy

Why Italy? Italy has a history of businesses being tied up by bureaucracy and with high cost of employment, these issues are still prevalent, but times are changing…. The government realises that it needs to create the right type of environment to stimulate both business and the employment of skilled people. Italy has always been

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Deferral of VAT payments

HMRC update guidance on deferral of VAT payments due to Covid-19 All UK VAT registered businesses are eligible to defer payments due between 20 March 2020 and 30 June 2020.  Business may, should they choose to, continue to pay as usual but have the option of delaying until March 2021. VAT payments you can defer

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Unpaid Expat Tax

HMRC’s crackdown on overseas tax evasion In a single year, HM Revenue & Customs’ (HMRC) crackdown on overseas tax evasion has seen a massive increase in the number of people admitting to not paying tax.  According to a Freedom of Information (FOI) request, 867 British expats declared they failed to pay the ammount they owed

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Duties of a director during Covid-19

In an unprecedented and dynamic situation, company directors need to be mindful of the law Company directors, along with everyone else, are living in a new world.  The global response to the coronavirus outbreak has reshaped the business landscape.  Even once the immediate Covid-19 crisis has passed, no-one can be certain what the new-normal will

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April 2020 Employment Law Changes

New legislation introduced stipulating what needs to be included in a contract of employment. What has changed? From 6 April 2020, the requirement to provide a written statement of terms and conditions extends to workers, not just employees. This now includes casual and zero hours workers.  Employers must provide their workers and employees with their written statement on

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Coronavirus Business Support

Summary of government support available for businesses The Government have issued a range of measures to assist businesses in the UK following the coronavirus outbreak here.  We have produced an initial report and a more detailed look at CBILS, but what follows is a brief summary of the measures being offered:   Job Retention Scheme

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