Case Studies

Some recent projects for our happy clients.

How Pubnub’s global expansion allowed them to significantly grow topline revenue, gave them access to world-class global talent and allowed them to run a truly 24/7 service.

Before (2019):

  • Ambitious US-based company with funding and plans for international expansion but confused about where to start.
  • Saw opportunity to accelerate growth outside of the US market and needed a global go-to-market strategy.
  • Competitive US recruiting market, particularly in engineering and product created recruiting challenges to meet product development needs.

After (2022):

  • Seamless global expansion. In 7 countries with nearly 200 global employees.
  • Ever-increasing topline revenue due to fast-growing international markets.
  • Able to operate a 24/7 service with team members all over the world.
  • Access to recruit and hire top talent globally.

The Process:

  1. Pubnub came to Briars by recommendation when they were looking to expand their business internationally. They had received funding and had ambitious growth plans.
  2. After a thorough consultation process, we agreed their first go-to-market location would be the UK and we helped them set up their first employees (salespeople) via our PEO solution.
  3. In parallel, to address challenges in recruiting top engineering & product talent we partnered with PubNub to set up business operations in Poland, a strong engineering center in Europe. Based on advice from Briars’ partners on the ground in Poland, the best solution was to set up a Polish entity and engage the talent as contractors.
  4. 6-12 months later, it became clear that Pubnub needed to establish its own presence in the UK. We set up an entity, and now manage their payroll, banking, accounting, and compliance on their behalf. They now have 17 UK employees.
  5. In 2021 after another funding round, PubNub came to Briars with the goal of expanding our go-to-market presence in APAC. Briars partnered with PubNub to evaluate a strategy ultimately focusing on an APAC HQ in Singapore. We compliantly engaged local employees using our PEO solution, which allowed Pubnub to rapidly expand into the new territory. At the time of writing this, Pubnub has 7 Singapore-based employees and we are in the process of helping them establish a local entity.
  6. After Singapore came employees in India and also Hong Kong through our local PEO solutions and we are currently evaluating further expansion into other countries in APAC as their business grows.
  7. In Estonia, yet another solution was required. It was possible to register an NRER without an entity to payroll the local team members.
  8. With the support of Briars, Pubnub now has staff in 7 countries, with several local entities and bank accounts, and is continuing to grow globally with our partnership.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “Briars has been a key part of our successful international expansion. They’ve allowed us to expand fast whilst being balanced and strategic. We really appreciate the fact that whenever we have a question we can always pick up the phone and get through to a “real human” to provide us with expert analysis and advice on our plans. We’ve also been able to rely on their extensive global network to give us the right advice at the right time. We know that our business is protected and we can just focus on growing. Briars has been fantastic and we look forward to continuing to partner with them on our future growth.”

James Hamilton, VP, Operations and Controller

Leading UK Plastic Manufacturer Achieves Substantial Savings with the Briars Group Full-Time Equivalency Model.

Getting the right outsourcing model for larger corporates can be an expensive procedure. Whilst smaller companies benefit from buying the experience and peace of mind that comes from professional advice provided on a flat fee basis. However, having a full in-house team for a whole host of business functions such as HR, Accounting, Tax, Payroll, Banking, Secretarial, Governance and Business Administration is not only expensive, but also means that they enter a world of competency, training and management needs, not to mention office space, absence and resource headaches.

The challenge
One chemical manufacturer was facing just such issues. It was finding that resourcing these critical business functions was pulling focus from developing their primary service offering and inhibiting their growth opportunities. They needed something scalable and hassle-free, but reliable and aligned with with the company’s needs and methods.

The solution
After speaking with Briars Group, the plastics producer found the perfect solution. By moving to the Briars Full Time Equivalent (FTE) model, it was able to get the best of both worlds. The experienced Briars team reviewed the company’s operations and agreed upon the services to be included within the model according to their specific needs. The next step was the design and implementation of an Operations Procedure Manual (OPM) which was developed with all of the relevant stakeholders to become a manual for the roles and responsibilities for the company’s full-time offsite team. The OPM is regularly updated and dictates all aspects of business processing including lines of reporting, levels of authorisation and cut-off dates while also being compliant for both internal and external audit teams and offering an effective resource for cases of due diligence pre-acquisitions.

The results
The result, for the chemical industry specialists completely revolutionised the way they were able to approach their business development. With a bespoke team focused solely on their business needs, they are now able to focus fully on their business ambitions. The service means that there are no issues with absences or resourcing across their cost centre services and they have a substantially reduced cost base without raising staff headcount. Similarly, as the UK based team has global expertise, this single solution covers their international offices and allows them to keep expanding into new territories. The recognised operational savings were in excess of 70% of the previous costs.

It’s a game-changing solution.
If you are looking for a solution for your business needs please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Internal Business Processes Review leads to risk reduction and improved efficiency for international luxury goods corporation

Internal due diligence is an important factor for measuring how a business works by reviewing its processes with the aim to improve efficiency and profitability. It is only when you fully understand business operations – in terms of strengths, weaknesses and adaptability – that changes can be made to maximise its potential.

The challenge
One example of how Briars assisted a client is in the luxury goods market, which is just one of many sectors in which we operate. Our client engaged us to carry out an internal Due Diligence Review which led to a detailed report that looked closely at the entire spectrum of the cost centre aspects of the business model, including: accounting; procedures; compliance; risk; operations; stock reporting and business processes as a whole.

The majority of clients that use this service do not have their own in-house specialist teams to carry out complex and often labour-intensive investigations or audits. Briars is therefore often called to identify and resolve internal issues such as verification of data for statutory audits or the need to identify ways to streamline and reduce operational costs. Whatever the reason for an internal audit our first step is to identify objectively the ‘pain points’ which could be causing the business to not run to its full potential.

The solution
Company-wide research resulted in a detailed report per territory and business unit on all areas requiring improvement or streamlining. In this case Briars’ comprehensive report focussed on improving overall efficiency and profitability. It was a complex, multi-jurisdictional compliance – focussed project, which tackled the unique challenges of this specialist sector.

The result
After a preliminary risk assessment, the project plan was created, agreed and implemented. This lead to a series of reports showing the main areas of risk, their financial and human impact as well as remediation plans. After client approval, we implemented the solution and the core objectives were soon achieved. The client was able to improve efficiency and the client’s team trained to maintain those standards. The reward? An efficient, compliant and profitable business month on month and year on year.

It’s a game-changing solution
If you are looking for a solution for your business needs please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

We will be publishing more case studies soon.