Briars and CoComply: delivering complete global expansion services in partnership 

April 29th, 2024

Beyond Borders

Briars works with a range of partners to complement our highly specialised global expansion services. In this article, we’d like to highlight how our new partnership with CoComply can help clients with their IR35 needs when engaging contractors in the UK. 

Briars takes a very thorough approach to researching the partners it works with to deliver highly specialised and unique service offerings within the global expansion arena.  

As we developed our Global Workforce Audit offering it became clear that to help our clients deal with the complexities of IR35 legislation in the UK, we needed to provide specialised support. We are delighted to share that we are partnering with CoComply, a business with hyper-focussed expertise in this area to work with Briars to deliver a complete solution for any business engaging contractors in the UK. 

This is an obvious match for us. We take pride on being able to offer a complete range of global expansion services, from international accounting and tax, HR, payroll, and workforce services. CoComply is a highly impressive outfit that complements our skillset to provide specialised IR35 services. 

About CoComply 

CoComply, a pioneering business founded by Michael Cleavely in 2019, was established to tackle the growing challenge of IR35 legislation for companies operating in the UK. The firm’s innovative approach to IR35 compliance has not gone unnoticed, as CoComply recently won the prestigious Innovate UK award, recognising it as one of the most groundbreaking companies in the UK and Europe. 

CoComply’s award-winning services combine human expertise with state-of-the-art AI technology, streamlining IR35 and worker classification processes. The company’s cutting-edge proprietary technology platform ensures that businesses can navigate the complex landscape of IR35 compliance with ease and confidence. 

With a strong commitment to helping companies engage contingent talent compliantly and confidently, CoComply caters to a diverse range of clients, from SMEs to large global organizations, both in the UK and worldwide. The firm’s dedication to innovation and its ability to provide bespoke solutions for each client’s unique needs have solidified its position as a leader in the IR35 compliance space. 

How Briars and CoComply Work Together 

The Briars / CoComply partnership is compelling because they add a very specific string to the complete global expansion bow that we offer clients.  

CoComply are extremely focused, offering a single streamlined service of IR35 management – which we can now offer to our clients through this partnership. 

On the partnership, Michael Cleavely says: “By collaborating with knowledgeable partners like Briars, who possess a deep understanding of the legal and practical nuances of international expansion, businesses can confidently navigate challenges and capitalise on opportunities in the UK and global markets.” 

And you can watch an interview between Andrew Fahey, Briars’ CEO, and Michael Cleavely from CoComply below:

How this partnership benefits clients 

We deal with clients with a range of complicated global expansion needs, and through this partnership, not only can we continue to offer our full range of services, but can now offer specific IR35 expertise, provided by CoComply where our clients have specific regulatory concerns in the UK 

In essence, when Briars have clients that need IR35 assistance, this will be provided by CoComply. And in reverse, when CoComply clients need broader global expansion services, they will be provided by Briars. 

Why IR35 Matters 

IR35 is a critical piece of legislation that businesses operating in the UK must understand and comply with. 

Officially known as the Intermediaries Legislation (IR stands for ‘Inland Revenue’), IR35 affects both contractors and the companies that engage them, bringing forth a paradigm shift in how employment status is determined and taxed within the realm of contracting. 

Introduced by HMRC in 2000, IR35 seeks to identify ‘disguised employment’ situations where individuals work as contractors through an intermediary, such as a personal service company, but their working conditions and relationship with the client mirror that of an employee. This is important, as being classed as ‘self-employed’ in the UK can attract a lower level of tax than being ‘employed’. 

The essence of IR35 is to ensure that contractors who essentially fulfil the role of employees, albeit through a corporate veil, pay similar taxes and National Insurance contributions as their employed counterparts, as well as insuring those who are truly self-employed are able to engage as an independent contractor and provide flexible benefits to their clients. 

Working with Briars 

Briars offers holistic global expansion services, which are tailored to the individual needs of our diverse client roster.  

Rather than investing in the significant fixed costs associated with international expansion, Briars offers a flexible subscription service where businesses tap into strategic, tactical, and operational services as and when they need it, maximising operational and financial efficiency. 

We work with a range of partners to deliver hyper-specific services that only the likes of CoComply, with their deep knowledge of IR35 as an example, can deliver. 

Shaun Cumming

Shaun is Head of Marketing at Briars, bringing 15 years of content and marketing leadership experience from his time at global financial services firms such as BlackRock, BNY Mellon, Brooks Macdonald and Investec. At Briars, his mission is to tell the story of our company and its people, as well as to shape the brand as we head into a new phase of growth. Shaun is leading the talented marketing team and is a member of our Senior Leadership Team.