Meet The Team

Working tirelessly for our clients across all seven continents.

Gemma Bignell



Gemma joined Briars in 2006, during her long career she has been promoted to many areas of the business with her most recent role as CFO.

As a member of the Executive Leadership Team she has remained involved in the overall operation of the business providing technical expertise and guidance to our employees and valued clients.

Gemma is now a proud and valuable member of the Briars Board and uses her expertise and knowledge to steer the business and our people towards growth and success! This has not changed her involvement with all our employees within the business and is as happy joining the team at networking events as she is discussing the future of Briars at Board Level!

In her spare time Gemma enjoys DIY to a level that surpasses a light hobby (which is useful for those of us with no DIY knowledge at all!) She also loves holidays in the sun and manages to fit in Zumba!

Amanda Simon

Chief People Officer

Amanda joined Briars in 2022 with over 30 years HR experience focused on International Consultancy services. As a member of the Executive Leadership Team she is responsible for HR and  Payroll services and internal HR strategy.

Amanda has CIPD, FedEE and SHRM certifications to support her technical knowledge and has a passion for improving employee engagement.

Amanda spends much of her spare time with her family, including 5 grandchildren, her role it seems is to provide snacks, food and the odd taxi service!

When she is able, she prefers winter sun breaks to get away from the harsh UK weather!

Emma Lisauskas

Operations Director

Emma joined Briars in 2011 and has had a very successful career within the company, her most recent promotion to Operations Director allows her to focus on commercial operations and is a valued member of the Executive Leadership Team.

Her extensive knowledge of Briars allows her to provide valuable support to all departments and is often part of the initial meetings for new business enquiries due to her love of sales and meeting new clients!

Emma is a member of the Institute of Legal Executives and a qualified C-DPO amongst many other technical certifications and qualifications but currently focuses on strategic commercial operations and compliance!

When not at work Emma enjoys netball and is currently captain of her local netball team! When not running around the netball court she’s running around after her energetic son and looking after her family!

Tracy Adaway

Payroll Manager

Tracy heads up our payroll team and has been with the firm for 17 years. She has a breadth of experience covering payroll; accounts, credit control and billing and an in-depth knowledge of our clients.

In her spare time Tracy is devoted to her family, and Go-Ape!

Laura Quick

Finance & Administration Manager

Laura joined Briars in 2010 and is currently heads up our Finance & Administration team and Client services department and amongst a host of other things is responsible our foreign exchange process, billing and credit control.

Laura is a valued member of the Senior Leadership Team and is committed to providing first class service to our clients and her internal stakeholders. She is also a Mental Health First Aider and qualified personality profiler to add to her toolkit of employee support!

Laura is passionate about people and spends much of her spare time finding new and exciting ways to engage our employees and improve the services we provide.. when she’s not managing her growing team she’s looking for events to attend, podcasts to join all in her task to make Briars the number one service provider across the globe…When not at work Laura loves riding horses and generally taking on the world!