About Briars Group

One Team, One Time-Zone, One Language = One Solution!

Your team for international expansion

Our Heritage

Formed in 1991 by the current CEO – Kate Jolly, and Chairman – Andrew Brierley, Briars Group operates across 50 countries and has as its base, offices in London and the South of England. With few exceptions, our clients come to us on referral from our existing client base, international legal and accountancy firms.

Our Approach

We adapt to suit your worldwide needs and adopt your corporate culture, permeating that ethos through each territory to ensure that employees worldwide work to the same mission, vision and values. Most of our clients are owned by non-UK corporates and we have extensive experience in reporting both to international boards and investors.

Our Clients

Our clients are international in nature and cut across a wide range of industry sectors from Biotech and Cyber Security to Manufacturing, Property, R&D and Financial Services. All share the same concerns – how best to expand internationally while at the same time retaining both central control and an overview of international compliance, from cross-border obligations to domestic matters.